Are You Upgrading Your Entertainment Room in the St. James, Smithtown & Commack, NY area?

Hire a skilled technician for your home theater installation

So, you've put the finishing touches on your entertainment room. All that's left is installing the electronic equipment. Make sure your system is connected properly by hiring a skilled technician. Surveilco provides home theater installation services to residents of St. James, Smithtown, Commack, NY and surrounding areas. We can hook up your sound system so you'll get wall to wall, crystal clear audio.

You've created a comfortable and relaxing space. Let us make sure it performs to your expectations. Schedule your home theater installation today.

Get total audio coverage

Get total audio coverage

Looking for entertainment in every room of your house? We are the experts in both home wiring and all your wireless home audio needs. A wireless whole home audio system can give you the ability to play high fidelity audio in every room. Surveilco installs Sonos wireless audio systems that will reduce clutter while providing you with the best in quality sound. You can stream the same music to your entire house or play different selections in each room. We'll hook up your whole home audio system to all the devices you want.

Call Surveilco at 888-450-1008 to get quality sound in every corner of your house.

Simplify your life with home automation

You come home after a long day to a well-lit landscape. Once inside the door, your music starts playing as you set down your bag and head for the kitchen. Grabbing a snack, you use your phone to quickly review your home security alerts and see the trespasser at your front door was just your neighbor's cat. Now it's time to relax.

If you want your home to welcome you each day, call Surveilco and ask about our home automation services. We're St. James & Smithtown, NY's top choice for home automation technology installation. See how you can make your home a smart home by calling us today.